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DOMA Welcomes a New Chief Operating Officer

January 31, 2020

As we enter 2020 the first year of our Vision 2021 journey has drawn to a close. The start of the year has been an opportunity to take stock and align DOMA’s strategy moving forward. We have two years left and a lot of growing left to do in order to reach our targets. Many of Vision 2021’s goals are ambitious for a company of our size, but DOMA is excited to announce a new ally in our venture – Adrian Marchi.

Adrian joins DOMA as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and is fired up to help lead DOMA towards the fulfillment of Vision 2021. He brings a proven track record of directing substantial profitable growth at other companies like DOMA and is well versed in streamlining sales and marketing, operations, finance, and more. Decades of leadership experience at companies like Jo-Kell, AgilQuest, and Compass Technology combined with a PHD in Business Administration and Management have prepared Adrian to help build a cohesive, accelerated strategy for the DOMA team.

In his most recent undertaking as the COO and General Manager (GM) of Jo-Kell Inc., In his 11-year tenure there Adrian led the company through the transition from a small business to a mid-sized company. DOMA believes that Adrian can put DOMA on a similar path to growth. As a coach and mentor for our leadership team, his goal will be to build a performance-focused culture at DOMA that drives towards our unified vision for the company.

We took a moment to speak with him about his new appointment at DOMA and learn more about what motivated him to join our team:


Interview with Adrian

Tell us a little bit about your background. What got you started in the tech field?

I graduated with a CPA degree and I had taken programming courses. I had taken Basics, COBOL, and RPG I, II, & III, programing.  I started my career working for Andersen Consulting while in my early twenties and they were really what got me into the field. I was sent to major corporations to provide technology solutions and address people’s problems.  I chose the consulting division because I saw the attraction and potential of helping within the tech field.


What drew you to DOMA Technologies?

What drew me to DOMA was meeting with Pat & his vision and approach to the business. His overall belief system was what attracted me to DOMA.  He has strong beliefs and a goal in life that relates to people. He really focuses on helping people, which is something I really wanted to do. It was nice to see that his beliefs really aligned with my own. 


Where do you see the greatest potential for growth at DOMA so far?

I see people and their capacity for growth as DOMA’s greatest asset. There is a desire to get into an environment where you can really help people, and the more you help people the more you grow. Taking it a level down, I believe that DOMA’s potential is in getting people to be the best that they can be. Seeing where they are passionate and developing them further. Going down further, there is potential in different solutions such as the Cloud, digitization of data, and in the healthcare industry. The healthcare environment specifically, is very attractive and can be a gateway to helping a lot of people.


What’s something interesting not a lot of people know about you?

I’m originally from Argentina and I didn’t permanently move to America until 1989. I think the most interesting thing that people don’t know is that I was in a band when I was seventeen, I played the drums. I did attempt to learn classic guitar. I took classes and things, but it never went anywhere.

Other than that, I married a girl from New Jersey and now I have three beautiful children. I am also ordained in the Catholic church as a deacon.


Pat Feliciano


“We are very excited to welcome Adrian Marchi as our new Chief Operating Officer. We look forward to leveraging his years of experience and leadership in successfully taking companies to the next level.”

Pat Feliciano


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